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The Firm has an in-depth understanding of coding and information technology. For example, the Firm has many years of experience in a number of disciplines in this area, including precoding, negotiated data rates, quadrature-amplitude modulation, compression technology (such as JPEG, MPEG, MP3, etc.), multi-dimensional convolutional coding, trellis coding and the Viterbi Algorithm.

 Based on our thorough understanding of these technical areas, we are able to quickly determine the scope and parameters of a problem facing one of our clients and bring our substantial legal expertise to bear in short order. For example, in our experience, if these types of patents are not prosecuted properly, claim coverage can be narrow or fail to capture the most valuable innovation described in the specification or fail to capture a vital portion of an industry standard. Limited claim coverage can also provide a variety of defenses to an infringement action or avenues for a design-around, based on the disclosure-dedication rule or principles of claim construction that limit claim coverage. Separately, communication and information theory patents often concern industry standards and standards setting organizations. A patentee’s participation in a standards setting organization may give rise to fraud, estoppel or antitrust defenses. 

The Firm’s in-depth technical and legal experience in this area allows it to solve complex technical and legal issues more quickly and efficiently than most other firms. Further, lawyers at the Firm have consistently provided practical, problem solving advice to our clients concerning information theory. For example, our lawyers have successfully litigated patent cases concerning information theory, have provided advice and opinions to a leading manufacturer of communication equipment in response to an assertion of patent infringement that supposedly covered a portion of the JPEG standard, and have provided accurate advice and opinions concerning the generation, storage and retrieval of digital images that was recently confirmed by a Federal Circuit opinion concerning the patent-in-question.